Image categories


Are the textures really free?
Yes, totally free, but please read our terms of use before downloading.

Can I use the textures in a commercial project?
Yes you can, they are free for both commercial and personal use, but please check our terms of use for restrictions. The textures are not for resale or redistribution.

Can I alter the textures to suit my needs?
Of course, but use of the textures will still be subject to our terms of use.

What format are the textures in?
All textures are in JPEG format, so are suitable for use in almost all rendering and design software.

I want to use the textures for a print project, what size can they be printed?
Most of our textures are 2500 x 1667px, which at 300dpi will print at 21 x 14cm, or at 8 x 5.5 inches. And, in most cases, they will be fine at 30% larger than that.

Do I need to credit or link back to this site when I use a texture?
No, a credit or link is not a requirement, although we always appreciate it if you do decide to include one.

Have you got a texture of X, Y or Z?
If you can’t find it in the appropriate category then, no, probably not. However, we are adding as many new textures as quickly as we can, so do check back again soon.